Sending emails using Spring mail and Spring boot

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1. Overview

Sending emails is quite a frequent and common task in Java EE projects.

In this article, I will show you how to send emails using Spring mail in a Spring boot application.

2. Implementation

1. Create a new Spring boot project using Spring initializr, then add the spring-boot-starter-mail dependency to your pom.xml.


2. Add the following config properties to your

[email protected]

For this example, I used the Gmail SMTP server settings, but you can use any SMTP server you want.

3. Create two Java POJOs and to hold mail’s detail.

  • : we will use it to send a simple text mail.
  • :  we will use it to send an HTML mail.
public class SimpleMail {

    private final String to;

    public SimpleMail(String to) { = to;

    public String getTo() {

    public String getSubject() {
        return "Simple Email Subject";

    public String getContent() {
        return "Hello client,\n This a simple email content !";
public class HTMLMail {

    private final String to;

    public HTMLMail(String to) { = to;

    public String getTo() {

    public String getSubject() {
        return "HTML Email Subject";

    public String getContent() {
        return "<html>" +
                    "<body>" +
                        "<p>Hello client,</p>" +
                        "<p>This an <strong>HTML</strong> email content !</p>" +
                    "</body>" +

4. We will take advantage of the, to send simple text and HTML emails.

public class MailSenderService {

    private JavaMailSender mailSender;

    // Use it to send Simple text emails
    public void sendSimpleMail(SimpleMail mail) {

        SimpleMailMessage message = new SimpleMailMessage();



    // Use it to send HTML emails
    public void sendHTMLMail(HTMLMail mail) throws MessagingException {

        MimeMessage message = mailSender.createMimeMessage();
        MimeMessageHelper helper = new MimeMessageHelper(message, false, "utf-8");

        message.setContent(mail.getContent(), "text/html");


5. Use the created service to send emails via sendSimpleMail(mail) or sendHTMLMail(mail).

public class SendEmailsSpringBootExampleApplication implements CommandLineRunner {

    private MailSenderService senderService;

	public void run(String... args) throws Exception {

	    // send a simple mail
        senderService.sendSimpleMail(new SimpleMail("[email protected]"));

        //send an HTML mail
        senderService.sendHTMLMail(new HTMLMail("[email protected]"));

    // ...

6. After executing the application, two different emails will be sent to [email protected], simple text email and HTML email.

Spring Mail with Spring Boot simple email

Spring Mail with Spring Boot HTML email

Find the source code of this example on GitHub.


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Brij Bhushan
3 years ago

Nice Article..!
Those who come to read your Information will find lots of helpful and informative tips.

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