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This’s one of the tips provided by Hybris to update properties when server is already up and running. it’s useful most of time for develop environment where we need to update a bunch of properties at once.

You need to add following lines into your local.properties :

#Required (put path of your properties file)

If you want to check either your properties file is loaded or not you have to enable debug log on de.hybris.platform.util.config.FileBasedConfigLoader


And you will get log like this :

DEBUG [RuntimeConfigRefreshRunner (master)] [FileBasedConfigLoader] Runtime config watched file: /..../hybris/config/your_runtime_update_config.properties
DEBUG [RuntimeConfigRefreshRunner (master)] [FileBasedConfigLoader] dynamic properties file changed: false [file modifiedTime: 1567598757000, lasLoaded: 1567670610890]

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